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HDR video support is coming to Chrome for Android soon

A couple of devices these days support HDR, though not many apps do. YouTube, Netflix, and Google Play Movies are among those apps that can handle HDR playback, and one more may soon be joining them: Chrome. This information comes courtesy of two commits that were recently spotted on Chromium Gerrit.

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Google Preparing Big Optimizations For Chrome 53, 47% Improvement On Motion Mark By WebKit

One of Chrome's biggest problems is speed. It's gone from being the fastest, best browser upon release to a RAM-hog that seems to be more of a platform than an internet browser nowadays. The internet has long been calling for Chrome to get some improvements, so it fares better against other faster, more modern browsers. It looks like Google has heard our calls, as the browser is about to get a lot faster.

Chrome 53, due for stable release in September, is going to see some big optimization work; there's up to 47% improvement across the board, mostly due to GPU raster, CSS and WebGL optimizations on OS X, resulting in percentages that are multiple times better than Chrome 51, the current stable release.

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PSA: If 'Touch To Search' Is Gone In Chrome For Android, Here's How To Bring It Back

Touch to Search, which enables users to highlight a single word or line of text in the mobile version of Chrome and instantly search for that text in Google, is pretty neat. It was introduced in the beta build of Chrome for Android version 38 way back in March of last year. But in the latest versions of the app (including the standard release), it's been curiously absent for many users.

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Chrome For Android 47 Tweaks The Bookmarks Interface With A Slide-Out Menu, At Least For Some

Chrome's URL bar is so fast that I generally don't even bother with bookmarks anymore, but those who do might have noticed that they look a little different lately. In the latest version of the Chrome stable build for Android, there's a new user-selectable flag that can enable or disable a different interface for the Bookmarks manager. It can be enabled (or disabled, if you prefer) in the Flags settings page: chrome://flags/#enhanced-bookmarks-experiment.

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Chrome For Android Hits 1 Billion Installs On The Play Store

When an app reaches 1 billion installs on the Play Store, it's like being officially recognized as one of the cool kids. Chrome for Android is the latest to join the clique, sliding through the door just a week behind Hangouts, making it the 12th app to flash a 10-digit install base.


While induction into this elite group hasn't been quite as impressive since membership hit the double digits, Chrome is among the first of Google's apps that doesn't owe all of its success to pre-installs. The first beta release of Chrome came in early 2012 and only supported Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

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WebView And Chrome For Android v45.0.2431 Enable Contextual Search On Tablets And Improved Text Selection For Android M [APK Download]

The fine engineers at Google have been hard at work with some cool new features to both the WebView package and Chrome for Android. Recent updates to the Chromium project have extended Contextual Search to tablets, and there is now partial support for the new text selection features introduced with Android M. Even the T-Rex easter egg game got a little bit better.

What's New

Contextual Search for tablets

2015-06-18 19.09.212015-06-18 19.16.40

If you've tried selecting text in Chrome on a phone recently, you've probably noticed a cool little popup at the bottom of the screen that acts as a shortcut to search for the selected term.

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Chrome Beta v44 Comes With Improvements To 'Native App' And 'Add To Homescreen' Banners, New Push API Features, And More [APK Download]

This month's update to Chrome is a little more developer-centric than usual. We're accustomed to seeing small visual tweaks and a couple of other new capabilities here and there –and there is a fix of that nature– but this time, it's all about the APIs. Chrome Beta v44 adds a few new features for notifications and install banners, adds a new way to define names for object literals in Javascript, and makes a few breaking changes to the Push API.

What's New

Fix for multi-column layouts

From a user-facing standpoint, the only directly relatable change came to multi-column layouts in Chrome.

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Chrome For Android Will Have Immersive Fullscreen For Non-Video Elements Soon, Probably In Version 43

Do you want to use Chrome in fullscreen immersive mode, without add-on apps or root modifications? According to entries in the Chromium project on Google Code it's coming soon, possibly in the next beta release. But don't get too excited just yet.This behavior is specifically for website elements, not the browser itself (which was possible in some versions of the old AOSP browser). It will enable certain sites or web apps to go fullscreen with Android's immersive mode, just like HTML videos do now.

fullscreen_permission click_fullscreen_permission

The upcoming fullscreen permission management system.

On this page you can follow along with a conversation between Google employees and other participants in the open-source project, detailing the need for and implementation of non-video fullscreen elements like browser-based games and apps.

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Chrome For Android Updated To Version 41 With Pull-To-Refresh Functionality [APK Download]

There's a new version of Chrome Beta available in the Play Store, though it doesn't seem to add a whole lot to the app itself. That means that the features from the last beta graduate to the stable build, which you can get in the Play Store (if you're patient) or at the APK Mirror link below (if you're not). The biggest user-facing change is the ability to "pull" down from the top of a page to refresh it, a gesture already seen in various other Google apps like Gmail.

2015-03-11 18.58.00

The new interface for Bookmarks is still not standard - an odd move.

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[APK Teardown] Chrome Beta 41 Appears To Be Adding Support For Kid Accounts, Samsung's AirView, And Notifications For Web Apps

Update Wednesday wasn't particularly active this week, but Google did push a few bug fixers out before the day was done. While most of the apps only saw minor version revs with little more than minor tweaks, Chrome Beta 41 came down the pipe with some noteworthy improvements like pull-to-refresh and an option to block only 3rd-party cookies. However, it turns out that those weren't the only new bits to be found in this release.


Kid Accounts, Again

A couple of months ago, Google Play Services 6.5 landed with a handful of new bits and pieces, including the first signs of a feature referred to as Kid Accounts.

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