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2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals roundup [Updated continuously]

It's that time of year again, the time when people throw caution and money to the wind in pursuit of steep discounts on this year's electronics. Deals abound. So much so, in fact, that it's almost impossible to keep track of them all. Thankfully we've put together a little list that distills all the best Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and general late November sales into one convenient place.

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Save 30% on battery cases for the Pixel, S8, Note 8, and iPhone X as well as Type-C accessories with BrexLink's Cyber Monday deals [Sponsored Post]


Google's Black Friday deals are live, here's a roundup of what's on offer

Thanksgiving is a great time of year to stock up on all kinds of discounted products, but technology is usually where the best deals can be found. Thanks to Amazon's keen price reducing policies around this time of year, Google has no choice but to follow suit, and the competition is great for us consumers. Offers on Google products are available at various retailers, so let's round them up.

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Here are Google Play's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

The discount madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is almost upon us, so it's probably a good time to take a look at what Google Play is offering. There are offers in every category on the Play Store, including movies, apps, games, music, TV, and books. These deals will be available through the end of Monday 27th November in most territories.

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[Update: Even cheaper with Amazon Alexa] Deal Alert: Fossil Android Wear watches on sale for 25% off today

Fossil is still cranking out Android Wear devices, but they're a little too costly in my estimation. That's no problem today—you can get 25% off any Fossil Q Android Wear watch if you act fast. This promo only runs through today. If you don't need the latest hardware, you can grab a Fossil smartwatch even cheaper too.

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals roundup [Updated continuously]

Ah, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend - that time in November when people trample each other in stores just to get the best possible prices for electronics that they likely don't really need. However, with so many deals floating around, it's hard to keep track of all of them. Not to worry, though; our list of discounts aims to help consolidate all of the cool tech that you might want to spend your hard-earned money on in one place.

You can find Ryan's list of app-related deals here.

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[Deal Alert] Save $12 on an Anker 20,100mAh battery and more as part of Amazon's Deal of the Day

Did you pick up a new smartphone or tablet this Black Friday? If so, you may want to check out the deals that Amazon is running on some Anker products today as part of their Deal of the Day program.

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[Deal Alert] Save up to $250 on unlocked, carrier, and dual SIM models of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

If you closely follow smartphone deals, you know that the US unlocked models of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge don't often go on sale. However, for Black Friday, several retailers are handing some pretty nice discounts and freebies out for them. We're also seeing some discounts on American carrier and international dual SIM models.

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[Deal Alert] Save up to $10 on AUKEY chargers and a 20,000mAh battery at Amazon with promo codes

Amazon has a ton of obscure brands that sell shady, poorly-built products you should avoid; AUKEY is not one of them. I personally own a few AUKEY chargers and batteries, and I've been very satisfied with all of them. Now, through November 29th, AUKEY is handing out discounts for some of their products in the form of promo codes.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon's $399.99 Galaxy S6 Unlocked Deal Is Sold Out, But B&H And eBay Have The Phone Available For The Same Price Or Less

If there's one phone you won't have any trouble finding on sale this holiday season, it's the Galaxy S6. The carriers each had their own way of using Samsung's flagship to get you in the door. Amazon recently offered the phone for $399.99, but the retailer has sold out. Fortunately you have other ways to get the 32GB US model at the same price or less this Cyber Monday, as long as you want the phone in black.

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