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WSJ: Essential's investors include Amazon, release date for phone being announced next week

It's being reported by the Wall Street Journal that Amazon is among the companies which contributed to Essentials $300 million coffers. They also reveal that Best Buy and Amazon will be retail partners for the upcoming phone launch. The best bit of news, though, comes in the form of a set of dates. Although we still have no idea when the phone will launch (Essential has now very much overshot its 'end of the month' June prediction), Essential president Niccolo de Masi says, "I will give you an exact date in a week."

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LG's G6 and Samsung's Galaxy S8 will reportedly be released on March 10th and April 21st, respectively

As the release dates for arguably the two most prominent Android flagships approach, more and more details about them are spilling out as well. For our latest leak, South Korea-based ETNews has revealed that the G6 will be making its consumer debut on March 10th, and the Galaxy S8 a few weeks later on April 21st.

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After delay, Lenovo says the Tango-equipped Phab 2 Pro is now set to release on November 1st

It's been a long road for Project Tango, but it looks like the first consumer device will be here in less than a week. According to a badge on the Lenovo Store, the Phab 2 Pro will be available for purchase on November 1st, next Tuesday. The Phab 2 Pro is the first phone to feature Google's Tango 3D imaging technology, and it was initially set to release in September before being knocked back to a generic "November" release.

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Samsung's Gear 360 camera finally gets a US launch date: August 19th for $350

It seems like we've been talking about the Gear 360, Samsung's branded 360-degree "action cam," for a long time without getting to see it on store shelves. For the record it was officially announced way back in February, though there were a few leaks before that. We expected it to land around the same time as the Galaxy S7 and its Edgy brother, but as it turns out the camera will launch along with the Galaxy Note 7 later this month. It's scheduled to go on sale starting on August 19th in the United States.

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After A False Start, Blackberry Is Now Taking Pre-Orders For The Android-Powered Priv For $699

Earlier this week Blackberry's official online store posted a pre-order page for the Priv, a high-end QWERTY slider phone that also happens to be the company's first full Android device. Apparently that was a bit premature - it disappeared after a short time, but not so short that prospective customers didn't balk at the $749 USD starting price. Today the pre-order page is back with a slightly cheaper price: $699. Was the original page an error or did Blackberry see the quick reaction and adjust it down? We couldn't say. The page says the phone will start shipping on November 6th.

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TellTale's Minecraft: Story Mode Adventure Game Lands On The Play Store On October 15th

The idea of making a story-based point-and-click adventure based on Minecraft, which is more or less the definition of open-ended, unscripted gameplay, might seem odd. And it is. But if anyone can pull it off it's TellTale, the studio known for making awesome adventure games based on other people's intellectual property. You can see for yourself in just under a month: Minecraft: Story Mode will hit the Play Store with its first episode on October 15th, just two days after it's available on the PC and consoles. Nice.

Minecraft: Story Mode uses the block-building game's unique voxel graphics and build-it-all setting to tell a science fiction story.

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Report: Google Will Announce The New Nexus Phones From Huawei And LG On September 29th

If you're wondering when you'll be able to get your hands on those new Nexus phones that have been leaking like a newborn on laxatives, Cnet has an answer for you: September 29th. The tech news agency quotes "people familiar with the company's plans" in its unconfirmed post, saying that the two new devices from Huawei and LG will get their official debut at a press event in San Francisco. Google itself didn't comment, of course.

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[Rumor Smash] NVIDIA's SHIELD Tablet To Be Refreshed This Summer - Don't Hold Out For A New Model In March

Earlier this week a report surfaced about a successor to NVIDIA's high-powered SHIELD Tablet coming "within a couple of months," to be announced at the GPU Technology Conference starting on March 17th. The report claimed that the new SHIELD Tablet would be using NVIDIA's next-gen mobile chipset, the Tegra X1, which was announced at CES 2015 without any accompanying smartphone or tablet.

A new generation of SHIELD hardware powered by the Tegra X1 is a no-brainer - despite tepid interest outside of the Android and gaming communities, NVIDIA has shown no sign of slowing down its first-party mobile brand.

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Verizon Leak Shows Release Dates For The Nexus 6, The Galaxy Core Prime, And The DROID Turbo In Sapphire Blue

If you've been waiting for Verizon's carrier-branded version of the Nexus 6 to hit stores so you can save a little cash on a subsidized phone, you won't have to wait much longer. A tipster sent a photo to Android Police that appears to show a rollout schedule for Verizon's next round of phone releases displayed on a company intranet or presentation. The Nexus 6 (or at least Verizon's model with a scarlet V) is scheduled to be released on February 26th.

verizon rollout

Verizon's model of the N6 will probably be identical to the ones on the Play Store and other carriers, at least in terms of hardware - the vanilla phone already has a Verizon CDMA-LTE compatible radio.

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Verizon Formally Launches The HTC One Remix ($50 On Contract) And Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 ($360 On Contract)

Big Red is welcoming two new devices to its stable today: HTC's mid-range One Mini 2 One Remix, and Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 4. Both are available on the Verizon website right now, and should be in retail stores today or soon thereafter. The One Remix costs $49.99 on-contract (half of what we expected), or $449.99 without the commitment, which actually isn't bad as far as Verizon phones go. You can pick up the Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 for $359.99 with a two-year contract... if you're a sucker. The off-contract price is just $100 more.


The One Remix (stylized "remix") is a carrier-customized version of the One Mini 2.

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