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[Deal Alert] Cozmo app-controlled robot is $127 ($53 off) on Amazon

Back in September, I got to try out the Cozmo Collector's Edition, a re-release of the 'Cozmo' app-controlled toy from last year. I definitely enjoyed using it, but the high price point of $179 made it a tough sell for many. Now you can get the original version for $127, a savings of $53.

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After 12-year hiatus, Sony announces return of aibo robot pet

After a nearly 12-year absence, Sony announced the return of the aibo robot pet. The new model of aibo, ERS-1000, uses an unspecified 64-bit quad core CPU, in addition to a variety of custom-developed actuators and sensors allowing aibo to move freely and interact with humans and the environment. The aibo can move its body along 22 axes, and can provide visual cues with OLED-display eyes. Four microphones and a speaker facilitate audio input and output, and two fisheye cameras with simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) capabilities allow it to detect objects, in much the same way self-driving car technology works.

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'Aire' is a hovering robot with Alexa that will definitely scare your pets

Robots on Kickstarter or Indiegogo usually are slow-moving and expensive products, with little or no real utility. I don't think 'Aire' is anything different, but it's certainly... special. For $699 (or $749, once the base tier runs out), you can have the privilege of owning a hovering upside-down lampshade with the Alexa voice assistant built-in.

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Cozmo Collector's Edition review: Still adorable, still fun

When I was young, I absolutely loved toy robots. I remember having a particular fascination for toys from WowWee, like the 'Robosapien' and the 'Roboraptor.' I managed to convince my parents one year to get the Roboraptor for my birthday, which I still own to this day. It was pretty basic by today's standards (the most advanced part of it was the IR sensor), but it was awesome at the time.

A few years later, I got my hands on the second-generation LEGO Mindstorms NXT. It was a robotics kit with pieces like IR sensors and motors, but it used LEGO's standard 'Technic' pieces.

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This home robot integrates with Amazon's Alexa and costs $2800

Robots are cool and, when designed and executed properly, robots can be quite endearing and awesome. But at $2800 a pop with very little added benefits, this one is definitely straddling the line to absurd territory.

Announced at IFA by QIHAN Technology (apparently a company specialized in AI and robotics), the Sanbot Nano is a 2.7 feet tall (848mm) robot that tries hard to look like a little kid. It has rotating head and arms, and is decked with sensors (IR, PIR, obstacle detection, touch sensor), 7 microphones, 250 lights, 2 tweeters and a subwoofer, a 3D camera, and a 10.1" touchscreen display.

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[Deal Alert] Anki's Cozmo robot is $152.99 ($27 off) on Amazon

Cozmo, which is unfortunately unrelated to Cozmo Kramer, is a fairly popular interactive toy robot. It can stack tiny blocks, play games, and be controlled like a typical RC car. If you've been waiting to try it out, you can now buy Cozmo off Amazon for $152.99, a $27 reduction from the usual price.

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SoundHound's Hound voice assistant making its way to Onkyo speakers and Shenzhen robots

It can be hard to keep up with all the major voice assistants - Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, the list goes on. SoundHound, perhaps best known for its music recognition app, has been working on its Hound voice assistant since 2015. At CES, SoundHound announced they have partnered up with Onkyo and Shenzhen to produce Hound-powered speakers and robots, respectively.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Sphero Ollie robot at Best Buy for $50 ($50 off)

We are less than a week out from Christmas, so you procrastinators better get going on gift shopping. Luckily, Best Buy has you covered for the tech geek on your list. The electronics retailer is offering the Sphero Ollie robot for $49.99. which is a nice $50 savings.

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[Deal Alert] Sphero BB-8 remote controlled droid is $100 ($30 off)

To say that Disney is milking their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise would be an understatement. With Rogue One just a few weeks away, anything Star Wars is going to be popular in sales. Sphero's BB-8 remote controlled droid has been a fan favorite since its release and now it's on sale for $100, saving you $30.

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Marble now available from dbrand, plus get 30% off everything through Thursday

Do you want to keep your Galaxy S7 edge's glass back free of cracks? Want to cover up some blemishes on the back of your OnePlus 3? The "robot-run," Lamborghini-owning skin company is no stranger to releasing eccentric new materials; in the past few months, the company has released Concrete and Hyperblack Titanium. Now, after a not insignificant amount of teasing, it's taken the wraps off of Marble, alongside a 30% discount.

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