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[Deal Alert] Roku's new Streaming Stick is down to $39.99 ($10 off)

If you're still a little behind on your Christmas shopping or if you got a new TV during Black Friday and are looking for a relatively inexpensive way to make it smarter, there's a neat deal for you today: Roku is discounting its new (2017) Streaming Stick from $49.99 to $39.99. It's only $10 but this is a nice 20% off a new product.

When Corbin reviewed the new Streaming Sticks from Roku, he liked their small size and praised their speed, software, and remote. He also liked that you could view plenty of streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies and TV on the same unit (many other similar offerings lack one or the other).

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[Deal Alert] Roku Ultra (2017) is just $84.99 ($15 off) on Amazon

Roku recently refreshed its entire hardware lineup, which obviously includes the Ultra. It's only been two months since the release, but for Cyber Monday, Amazon has slashed the price of the 2017 Ultra from $99.99 to $84.99. If you were looking to purchase a streaming device with Ethernet and microSD support, here's your in.

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[Deal Alert] Roku's new Streaming Stick+ with 4K is down to $49.99 ($20 off)

I only have one TV at home and I made my decision and went with an NVIDIA SHIELD TV. But if you're still wondering about ways to bring some streaming and smart capabilities to your TV for cheap, you have many options nowadays ranging from the Chromecast to the Amazon Fire Stick and the Roku devices. The latter are often praised for their integration with many streaming services (including Amazon Prime Video and Google Play Movies, how 'bout that?) and for their simple interface and private listening mode.

If that floats your boat, and you're not lured by the Chromecast or you're gifting a relative who wants a real interface on their TV and a remote, then the new Roku Streaming Stick+ with 4K support should be right up your alley, especially with its $20 discount to $49.99.

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Roku Streaming Stick & Stick+ review: A great pair of Chromecast competitors

Roku was one of the first companies in the streaming set-top box market. Over the years, it has released quite a few devices, ranging from Chromecast-shaped sticks to 4K-capable boxes. You may recall that Roku revamped its lineup last month, and now sells five different products for different use cases.

The original Streaming Stick was released in 2012, and while it received generally favorable reviews, the requirement of MHL-enabled TVs (to draw power) and the poor performance were major drawbacks. An updated model with a microUSB power connector was released in 2014 to positive reviews. Roku replaced it again in 2016 with a smaller and more compact version.

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[Deal Alert] Get the Roku Premiere+ for $49.99 ($50 off) from Best Buy

Roku unveiled a new product line in August of last year, which included the Premiere and Premiere+ as the mid-range and higher-end models, respectively. Both of them were replaced by the Streaming Stick and Stick+ last month, but the Premiere+ is still a great device. Now you can get it from Best Buy for $49.99, a $50 reduction from the original price.

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Roku updates Android app with support for Roku OS 8 and its antenna TV features

Earlier this week, Roku announced a refresh to its line-up of streaming sticks and boxes, including a brand new Roku OS 8 that would come to the old and new hardware alike. You can read more about Roku OS 8 at the link above, or here on Roku's site, but the gist is that voice searches and controls are improved, antenna TV listings for broadcast channels are included in search results if you have an HDTV antenna connected to your Roku, and private listening (TV speakers off, uses your phone or the 3.5mm jack on your Roku remote) works for antenna TV too and not just streaming.

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Roku refreshes entire hardware lineup and announces Roku OS 8

Slightly over a year ago, Roku announced three new streaming devices - the Roku Express, Roku Premiere, and Roku Ultra. The company's lineup became rather confusing, and the 4K/HDR-ready Roku Ultra was a hard sell against the $69 Chromecast Ultra. Today, the company announced a refresh for its entire hardware lineup, alongside a major new OS update.

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Roku app gets a big update with bottom nav bar, easier channel selection, and more

Roku players come with remotes, but the remote isn't always within reach when you need it. Or perhaps it's gone missing someplace in the black hole that is your couch. No matter, there's an app that can control your Roku, and it just got a big update. It's now quicker to navigate and makes it easier to find stuff to watch.

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[Deal Alert] Take 15% (and extra 5% with Red card) off almost anything at Target

Here's a deal that should please just about everyone. Target's Cyber Monday promotion started today and is offering 15 percent off tens of thousands of different products. Purchases made with a Target Red card are also eligible for an addition 5% off for a total savings of near 20% (the 5% discount is applied after the 15% discount, so it's slightly less than 20% off).

As you might imagine, certain brands and product categories are excluded from the promotion. The most notable exclusions for our tech addicted readers are Bose, GoPro, Sonos, Google products, DSLR cameras, LG & Samsung TVs. Dairy products, alcohol, Vitamix blenders, and Elf on the Shelf are also on the excluded products list.

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Roku Express, Roku Premiere, and Roku Ultra announced, starting at $29.99

Roku Inc, maker of the popular Roku line of home media players, has just refreshed their entire product lineup at once. The existing lineup of flagship Roku boxes (but not the Roku Streaming Stick) has been replaced by three new products (with upgraded models for each); the Roku Express, the Roku Premiere, and the Roku Ultra.

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