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[Deal Alert] Roku Ultra (2017) is just $84.99 ($15 off) on Amazon

Roku recently refreshed its entire hardware lineup, which obviously includes the Ultra. It's only been two months since the release, but for Cyber Monday, Amazon has slashed the price of the 2017 Ultra from $99.99 to $84.99. If you were looking to purchase a streaming device with Ethernet and microSD support, here's your in.

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[Deal Alert] Sony 4K HDR Android TVs in 49", 55", 65", and 75" are up to $1000 off at multiple retailers

These days, we're seeing increasingly advanced smart TVs with 4K resolutions, HDR tech, and more. In anticipation of the Black Friday weekend, Sony has slashed prices on two of its 4K HDR smart TV lines, the XBR X900E and X930E. No matter what size or features you need, there's an option for you here.

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Android TV app for Comcast Xfinity coming in 2018, but only for Sony TVs at first

Over a year ago, Comcast revealed that it was working on an Xfinity app for Android TV. It was part of the 'Xfinity TV Partner Program,' designed to make its television service available on smart TVs and internet-connected streaming boxes. That way, you wouldn't have to lease a cable box (unless you didn't want TV congesting your home internet network) - just install the app and start watching content.

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YouTube TV coming to Android TV, Xbox One, Apple TV, and smart TVs

Google's long-rumored live TV service finally arrived earlier this year as 'YouTube TV.' Even from the start, it was a pretty solid offering, and Google has continued to add more channels and expand to more areas. But for a service called 'YouTube TV,' the lack of smart TV/Android TV applications was a major omission. To date, the only way to watch content on the big screen has been with a Chromecast.

That changes today, as YouTube has announced that applications for Android TV and Xbox One will be released within the next few days.

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Element announces pre-orders and availability for its new 4K Fire TV Edition line

Element Electronics, the manufacturer of affordable TVs, has taken to the internet to announce that pre-orders for its new line of 4K television sets with Amazon's Fire TV built-in are officially live. Featuring Alexa, voice controls, and all of the ecosystem's streaming apps, Element is poised to tackle the low-end 4K smart TV market.

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YouTube Kids is now available on LG, Samsung, and Sony smart TVs, coming soon for Android TV

YouTube Kids was originally released in 2015, as a portal for child-appropriate content on everyone's favorite video sharing site. However, there hasn't been a dedicated TV app for YouTube Kids, just iOS and Android apps. Today on the official company blog, YouTube announced a Kids app for various smart TVs - but Android TV is still strangely missing.

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[Deal Alert] Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Harmony Hub on sale for $69.99 at Best Buy & Amazon ($60 off)

If you are looking to add voice control for your TV and media console to your smart home setup then the Harmony Smart Control with the Harmony Hub is a product that you should definitely check out. With this kit you can control up to eight devices in your media center three different ways – with the remote, through Alexa, or the companion Android app. It also is compatible with some smart home devices like Sonos, Phillips Hue, and Apple TV. That's cool, and what is even cooler is that it's on sale right now for just $69.99, a whopping $60 off.

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Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element introduce the first 4K TVs with Amazon's Fire TV

New TVs are a classic tradition at CES. A lot of the big and small brands take the time to announce new sets with some feature they hope will entice consumers to buy one. So how does a 4K TV with Amazon's Fire TV built in sound? If that interests you then Seiki, Westinghouse, and Element have you covered.

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[Deal Alert] 2015 Sony 55 Inch KDL-55W800C 120Hz 1080p TV With Android TV On Clearance For $699

We've been posting a lot of great deals on Sony's 2015 4K TVs the last few weeks. The only problem with those panels is that, even on sale, they start at $900. That's a healthy wad of cash to burn on a new TV, even if it is a great one.

Fortunately, Sony doesn't just make 4K TVs, they still produce some 1080p models and they are quite a bit more affordable, especially the outgoing 2015 models. The 55 Inch KDL-55W800C is on sale right now for $699 on eBay, which is a hundred bucks less than its current listed price (Amazon also has it on sale for $25 more and Best Buy for just $15 more)...

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[Deal Alert] Sony XBR-55X810C 55-Inch 4K TV With Android TV On Sale For $799.99 On eBay

I have a 55 inch Sony TV with Android TV in my bedroom. I love it, the picture is beautiful, the apps load quickly and work well, and it's running freaking Android! That being said, I love it a little less today, because my TV is 1080p, and I paid more for it than the 55 inch 4K Sony that is on sale today. Dang it. Early adoption sucks sometimes.

The Sony XBR-55X810C 55-Inch 4K TV is available on eBay for $799.99 for a limited time. That is a great price on an excellent TV which retails elsewhere for a grand. It's a full $50 cheaper than the last time it went on sale. Like the TV in my bedroom, it runs Android TV and supports Google Cast out of the box.

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