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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 20 ZeroLemon Galaxy S8+ 6,300mAh battery cases [US only]

Although the Galaxy S8+ has great battery life, with its 3,500mAh of juice packed into a svelte package, sometimes you need that little extra bit of oomph. Whether you're going on a multi-day hike, stuck without power on a long trip, or you're just really into Pokemon GO, ZeroLemon's 6,300mAh battery case for the S8+ is up to the challenge. And right now, you can enter for a chance to win one for free

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[Update: winners] Giveaway: Win a Choetech wireless fast charger and your choice of a USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort cable, plus exclusive coupons for both [International 20+ countries]

Sometimes it's all about convenience, and what's more convenient than tossing your phone onto a wireless charger? If that sentiment strikes a chord with you, then this giveaway is likely to please. Right now Android Police and Choetech are giving 20 lucky winners a Choetech wireless fast charger, as well as their choice of either a USB-C to DisplayPort cable, or a USB-C to HDMI cable.

Whether you prefer things wireless or connected, either way, there's something to love. And if you don't want to wait for the giveaway to end, you can even pick up both the USB-C to HDMI and USB-C to DisplayPort cables now without exclusive coupon codes. 

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[Update: Winner] Giveaway: Win a brand new 8GB/128GB OnePlus 5, Space Black Travel Backpack, and a OnePlus 5 Karbon Bumper Case [US only]

In the market for one of 2017's best flagships? OnePlus and Android Police have teamed up to give one lucky reader a brand-new OnePlus 5. Even better, that reader will also get a OnePlus Travel Backpack in Space Black, and a Karbon Bumper Case for the OnePlus 5. It's a OnePlus-powered giveaway extravaganza.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 30 Tronsmart Presto 10000mAh portable battery packs or pick one up now with our exclusive coupon [US only]

We all need a pick-me-up now and then, and so does your phone. So if you've been looking to grab an external battery pack to keep things topped up, right now you have a chance to get one of 30 Tronsmart Presto 10000mAh portable batteries for free. And if a giveaway isn't quite your style, you can still pick one up at a 10% discount on Amazon via our exclusive coupon. Whatever you do, it's a win-win. 

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 8 AUKEY audio bundles with the EP-B40 Latitude wireless ear buds ($25 value) and SK-M30 wireless speaker ($50 value) or use an exclusive coupon to buy now [US]

We're giving you a chance to upgrade your audio game in one fell swoop. First, say goodbye to wires if you haven't already. Next, you get two wireless audio devices that aren't just wireless, but good in their own right. Even better is that if you aren't the giveaway type, we have a coupon to give you a $10 discount on the speaker and $8 off the headphones.

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[Update: Winners] Koush's AllCast hits 10 million downloads, and we're giving away 100 AllCast Premium codes to celebrate

ClockworkMod's Koushik Dutta is probably best known for his custom recovery, ClockworkMod Recovery, but he has other claims to fame too. One of his most popular apps, AllCast, has just hit a whopping 10 million downloads on the Play Store. And to celebrate, he's giving away 100 AllCast Premium codes to Android Police readers.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Puzzles Bundle

Puzzle games, in spite of all the frustration they may cause, are a good way to pass time. Whether you're at the airport waiting for a delayed flight or just bored at work, you can rest assured that the time will fly by once you get into a puzzle game. And now, with our latest Humble Mobile Bundle giveaway, you might not even have to pay for a couple.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: 28 readers will win 4 BrexLink 6.6-foot braided USB-C cables ($22 value) [US]

More and more of us are getting devices that use USB-C cables for charging and data transfer every day. That means your stash of microUSB cables compiled over the years will do you no good when it comes to the various "charging stations" you might have set up at home and work.

If you can relate, this giveaway is for you. Each of the 28 winners will get 4 (!) 6-foot long, braided cables from Brexlink.

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[Update: Winners] We're giving away 30 Chuwi Hi-Dock 4-port Smart Docks with QC 3.0 support ($20 value each) [All countries eligible]

If you're an Android Police reader, chances are that you sometimes have enough devices in need of a charge that you find yourself either having to decide which one gets to charge first or needing to juggle multiple chargers at one time. But if you win one of these Chuwi Hi-Dock 4-port Smart Docks, you'll never have to worry about that again.

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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win a massive PowerHouse portable charger ($500 value), or one of 10 PowerCore batteries (US, CA, UK, FR, & DE)

There are a lot of portable batteries out there, but most of the ones we talk about on Android Police are narrowly targeted to use as a pocketable backup plan for your phone. The Anker PowerHouse, though, has a whopping 120,000 mAh capacity as well as 110V AC and 12V car outputs to go along with 4 USB ports. You can power your whole camping trip with this thing.

Oh yeah, Android Police and our friends at Anker are giving away one of them (a $499 value) as well as 10 PowerCore batteries for the runners up.

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