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[Update: Winners] Giveaway: Win one of 16 ICONIC Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus battery cases (or skip the wait and use an exclusive 25% off coupon) [US]

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, you're in for a treat: We are giving away 16 battery cases (a $40 value each) from our friends at ICONIC to Android Police readers. And for those who don't want to wait or are just overly pessimistic about their chances, we have an AP-exclusive coupon code to land you a 25% discount.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Roguelike Bundle

For a long time, video games were all pretty hard. Then, they got much easier. Roguelikes seek to bring us back the days of high-risk, high-reward gaming with punishing difficulty, permanent death, and retro graphics. Humble Bundle is halfway through its celebration of the Roguelike genre, and now you can win this latest game bundle. That'll make up for all the not-winning you'll do when playing these games.

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[Update: Winner] Giveaway: Win a brand new, unlocked LG G6 ($699 value) from LG and Android Police [US only]

LG and Android Police are teaming up to give a lucky reader a brand new LG G6. Even better, with the unlocked version just released to the public, the winner will get the unlocked version to use with their favorite carrier.

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[Update: Winners] Win one of 10 free codes for the Humble Mobile Crescent Moon Games Bundle

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is halfway through its run, and you know what that means. Yes, free stuff. We're giving away ten codes that unlock the full bundle of games. Even if you don't win, this is a pretty excellent value.

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[Update: Winner] Win an unlocked (or Sprint) HTC U11 from HTC and Android Police (US and Canada only)

HTC and Android Police are teaming up to give you a chance to win the company's newest flagship, the U11. It's actually U11 launch day here in the US, so the timing couldn't get much better, right? We've got a single unlocked or Sprint (your choice) U11 to offer to our readers, and you can choose any one of the three launch colors here in the US, too (silver, blue, or black).

In the box, you'll also get HTC's new USB-C U Sonic earbuds with active noise cancellation and a quicker charger. The U11 works on all four major carriers in the US, too, so there's no worrying about compatibility.

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[Update: Winners, coupon for everyone else] Wireless audio giveaway: 10 readers will win Bluetooth noise canceling headphones and portable speaker ($75 combined value) from Tronsmart [US only]

If you've yet to join the wireless audio trend or are just dying for an upgrade to your existing gear, this giveaway is for you. 10 Android Police readers will win a Bluetooth speaker and some snazzy Bluetooth, active noise cancelling headphones from Tronsmart. This prize package has a combined value of $75, but it won't cost our winners a single cent.

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[Update: Winners] Humble Mobile Platformers Bundle updated with more games, plus we've got 10 free codes to give away

Humble Bundle is a great source for cheap games, and you get to support charity while you enjoy your cheap content. The recent "Epic Platformers" bundle is now halfway through its run, and that means it's time for some new games and a giveaway. There are now 11 games, and we're giving them all away to some lucky readers.

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[Update: Winners, coupons for everyone else] Giveaway: 15 lucky readers will win a premium car charger and 10,050 mAh portable battery with QC3.0 input/output ($41 total value) from CHUWI [US]

While we all wait for the next big battery life breakthrough, a lot of us find ourselves in need of a recharge while on the go. And if you're like me, you aren't a fan of searching for an outlet when you're out and about.

But when there's a charger in your car and a high-capacity portable battery charger in your backpack or purse, your problems are pretty much solved. If that sounds appealing to you, we have a deal: 15 of you will get both of those from our friends at CHUWI.

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[Update: Winners] We are giving away two AUKEY WatchTower 1080p security camera systems (over $800 in value) [US only]

We are living in wonderful times. An average person can now afford, install, and operate a high-tech home surveillance system thanks to the advance of technology and the good people at AUKEY. What's the only thing better than an inexpensive security camera system? A couple of free ones!

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[Update: Winners] We are giving two lucky readers a Jabra Speak 710 ($300 value), a portable Bluetooth speaker for your conference calls and your jam sessions

Have you ever tried to hold a conference call with your phone laying on the table? It's generally unpleasant. Some people can't be heard or sound far away, the sound quality is bad, and depending on the phone, it can be hard to hear the people on the other end, too.

You could buy a specialized microphone, but those make for pretty narrowly targeted products. Why not get a gadget that doesn't just knock voice calling features out of the park, but makes for a top notch portable speaker, too? Even better, we're giving away two of them!

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