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AT&T Moto Tab now for sale at $299 or $15/month over 20 months

Although development of Android for tablets has largely stagnated, mid-range media consumption tablets are still cheaply produced. The AT&T Moto Tab (stylized as 'moto tab') is technically Motorola's first tablet since the Xoom 2 (known as the Xyboard in the United States), though the design strongly resembles that of the Lenovo Tab 4 10. You can now buy the Moto Tab from AT&T for $299.99 upfront, or for $15/month for 20 months. This is $120 more than the Lenovo-branded tablet, though the two share more similarities in appearance than power.

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Tablet sales decline 3.4% year-over-year in spite of increases from Amazon, Apple, and Huawei

It's no secret that the tablet market has been shrinking for several years now. The IDC has been tracking data like this for quite some time now, and is reporting that this trend hasn't changed for quarter 2 of 2017. That being said, sales increases from companies such as Amazon, Apple, and Huawei have slowed this decline to 3.4%, or 37.9 million worldwide shipments. That's noticeably better than the 8.5% decline we saw for 1Q17.

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Weekend poll: Do you use a tablet?

Tablets as a form factor seem to be headed for niche-ification in the near future. Sales are down, consumer interest seems low, and smartphones are just getting bigger and better, allowing us to do things that may have seemed a bit impractical on a handset as little as five years ago. Laptops, too, are seeing a resurgence: they last longer, do more, and are becoming even more portable and versatile, often offering touchscreens and convertible designs that make them work as quasi-tablets when needed.

So, I'm curious, nearly halfway through 2017, how many of you still use a tablet? How often?

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Weekend poll: When is the last time you bought an Android tablet?

Not to put too much of a dramatic spin on it, but Android tablets are definitely not in a good spot right now. The last Android-powered tablet to elicit anything but indifference was the Pixel C, and its confusing roots and questionable value left it far from being universally praised. The only tablet line not made by Apple that seems to get consistent acknowledgment in terms of sales success is Amazon's Kindle Fire family, which are based on Android but run Amazon's incompatible Fire OS fork.

This weekend's poll is about proper Android tablets - not the Amazon knockoffs.

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The slow, uninteresting death of Android tablets is unfolding, and it is no one's fault (opinion)

Android tablets are dying. There are signals that bear this out: sales estimates, web traffic, an utter absence of meaningful innovation or even competitive products in the segment. We've watched Android tablets struggle from day one: when Samsung's Galaxy Tab was utterly panned for its subpar performance and pricing, to the years of Honeycomb suffering under the yoke of underpowered chipsets and endless bugs, and finally to the unspoken abandonment of Android tablets by Google's own app teams over the past few years. Android tablets have never been particularly lively, but in 2016, I think we've finally watched the market's pulse near flat-line.

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[Weekend Poll] Do Giant Tablets (Over 13-14") With Mobile Operating Systems Have Any Appeal?

Earlier this week, photos of Samsung's upcoming Galaxy View tablet - a word I use primarily because there isn't a better one for a product like this - leaked. Extensively. It's an 18.4" touchscreen with a huge stand/handle attachment, and as far as we can tell, it has basically zero productive aspirations. It's a media consumption device. So, dare I ask: why do we need this?

Samsung isn't the first OEM to try it, either. Alcatel is working on a very similar device called the Xess, and the Nabi brand of children's tablets already has several gigantic slates under its belt.

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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 Appears In Leaked Promotional Materials, Features Camera Located On Kickstand Hinge And Claims 20 Hours Battery Life

It has been about a year since Lenovo released its Android version of the Yoga Tablet 2, so it was only a short matter of time before we would hear about an update if they plan on continuing the mid- to upper-range line of tablets.

Twitter-based @upleaks has posted two images that appear to be marketing renders for Asian markets that feature the Yoga Tablet 3. While they leave a lot of mystery as to what's inside the upcoming device, they offer a glimpse of what is to come.


In this article's hero image, you may notice one peculiar aspect of the tablet's construction: a camera on the signature kickstand's hinge.

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Dell Venue 8 7000 Tablet Review: It Feels Like The Future, But The Future Is A Little Awkward

Dell has a new Android tablet, and it's actually interesting for once. You don't usually think of Dell as a leader in the area of tablet design, but that's what seems to be happening here. The new Dell Venue 8 7000 series tablet is currently the thinnest slate in the world at just 6mm. Ignoring for a moment whether or not it's a good design, you can't deny that's impressive—even the iPad is thicker. The Venue 8 makes some compromises to get there, but maybe that's okay. Let's see how this tablet measures up.

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[Weekend Poll] Do You Own An Android Tablet (That You Actually Use)?

We asked well over two years ago if you owned an Android tablet, and I think it's time to bring the question back. At the time in April 2012, 73% of voters claimed to own one. I imagine that's grown a bit over the years, but it's probably still going to be in that same 70-85% ballpark, so it probably wouldn't shift enough to really mark a big trend. So today's poll will ask a bit more.


For the sake of the poll, we're going to assume two things: you use this tablet and that by Android I mean the version containing Google Apps.

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[Update: Ships With Google Apps] Nokia Announces N1 Tablet With Lollipop, 7.9" 4:3 Display, 64-Bit Intel Processor, Reversible MicroUSB Connector

Nokia is taking the stage today at Slush 2014, the Eurasian tech incubator event in Helsinki, to announce its N1 tablet with Android 5.0 Lollipop. This is the original Nokia we're talking about here, the one still in Finland, that includes all the divisions that didn't get bought by Microsoft. Part of me wants to scream, "You should have taken this route 4 years ago!" while the other is just too happy to see Nokia standing on its feet and trying something again — while also reviving the Nseries monicker.


And the N1 is an impressive tablet to say the least. It follows in the Nexus 9's footsteps with a 4:3 aspect ratio display, though with a wee-bit smaller size at 7.9", a resolution of 2048x1536, and a zero air-gap with the Gorilla glass 3 that's on top of it.

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