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[Deal Alert] Amazon has the Polar M600 Android Wear smartwatch for $250 ($80 off)

If the fancy round Android Wear watches just aren't your style (or you're looking for something more fitness-focused), then this deal might interest you. Amazon has the Polar M600 for $250.29, which means that your total savings will be $79.66.

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Huawei Watch 2 Classic is finally available at Amazon and Best Buy for $370

The latest, snazziest version of Huawei's Android Wear offerings is now on sale. The Huawei Watch 2 Classic, which is the metal-clad variant of the Huawei Watch 2, is now available for purchase at Amazon and Best Buy. It is also available for preorder at B&H. If you've been waiting to grab one, now you can.

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[Deal Alert] Moto 360 v2 on sale as low as $189.99 at B&H

The price of new Android Wear devices is still quite high, but many of the watches released a year or two ago are almost as capable as the new ones. Plus, they're cheap now. Case in point, you can get the Moto 360 v2 from B&H for as little as $190, and that's for the super-fancy gold metal version.

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Leaks of Fitbit's latest watch show the spirit of the 80s is alive at Fitbit

It looks like Fitbit's latest smatwatch has been leaked today. The writers over at Yahoo Finance managed to get ahold of some images of the new device, and it's very unique looking, with a brightly colored square beveled-edge aluminum unibody design, a textured rubber strap, and knurled buttons. It certainly sets itself apart from most other wearables.

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Alphabet's health division Verily built a health-focused smartwatch with 1-week battery life (for science)

The latest version of Google's wearables OS, Android Wear 2.0, began its painfully slow rollout at the end of March. In fact, It's only just beginning to make it to most mainstream devices. While health is a key selling point for Wear 2.0, the platform clearly isn't accomplished enough for Alphabet-owned health division Verily. They've just announced the Study Watch, an investigational smartwatch designed to passively collect rich, complex data for use in clinical studies.

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Tommy Hilfiger 'TH24/7You' wins the award for worst name for an upcoming Wear device

Who would have thought Baselworld 2017 would be such a hotbed of smartwatch news? This appears to be the year traditional fashion brands hop on the Android Wear bandwagon in a big way. The latest addition is Tommy Hilfiger and the TH24/7You. Yes, that's really the name, and yes, it's terrible.

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Hugo Boss reveals its first Android Wear watch, the Touch

So it turns out that there's this big watch convention thing going on in Switzerland (hint: we didn't go), where a lot of smartwatches have debuted. Baselworld 2017 has been a hub of timepiece activity, with us seeing plenty of new entrants into the Android Wear fold. One of these is Hugo Boss with the Touch.

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Watchmaker Movado announces the Connect, coming this fall for $495

The minimalist American watchmaker Movado announced a few weeks ago it was going to release an Android Wear watch, but it neglected to offer up any pictures of the device. Now it's officially unveiled. The Movado Connect looks exactly how you'd expect a smartwatch from Movado to look.

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Samsung shows off some wacky new concept versions of the Gear S3 at watch conference

The Gear S3 is Samsung's latest Tizen-based smartwatch, which comes in two variants. The Frontier is more "rugged" and has LTE, and the Classic has a slightly sleeker frame and no LTE. The Gear S3 family has grown today, at least in theory. Samsung is on hand at Baselworld, a watch conference in Basel, Switzerland. It's showing off three new concept versions of the Gear S3, one of which is literally a pocket watch.

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